About ISO TC20/SC17 U.S. TAG

AIAA is perhaps the single-most active developer of national and international standards for aerospace. As part of its proactive role in international standardization processes, AIAA administers the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for ISO/TC20/SC17, International Standardization Committee for Airport Infrastructure.

The scope of ISO/TC20/SC 17 is standardization in the field of airside airport infrastructure, to include grooving of landing and take-off lanes; asphaltic-ecologic-paving; vertical-signaling with painting and electricelectronic boards (painted and lighted signage). Scope excludes spaceports, which will be handled under ISO/TC 20/SC 14 and ground handling equipment (including passenger loading bridges) which is under SC 9. The scope also excludes air traffic facilities infrastructure and work under IEC/TC 97 (Electrical Installations for Lighting and Beaconing of Aerodromes).

The scope of SC17 is intended to cover all infrastructure unique to the airport environment but to exclude infrastructure covered by other ISO committees and also to exclude any infrastructure not unique to the airport environment.

This Committee is accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). Its mission is to:

  • represent the U.S. in all matters pertaining to the U.S. technical advisory group toISO/TC20/SC17
  • fulfill the functions and responsibilities of a TAG as set forth in its ANSI-approved Operating Procedures
  • provide a U.S. forum to exchange ideas and viewpoints regarding international space standardization and to establish U.S. consensus on international standards.

For further information regarding the TC20/SC17 U.S. TAG, contact:

Wilson Felder
Stevens Institute of Technology
E-mail: wfelder@stevens.edu

U.S.TAG Administrator, SC17
Hillary Woehrle
E-mail:  hillaryw@aiaa.org