Welcome to AIAA's Corporate Member - Name Input Portal

You were likely directed here by your employer’s primary contact for your AIAA Corporate Membership. This form allows you to:

  • Input your personal information that is required to initiate or re-start a complimentary individual membership which is a benefit of your employer’s Corporate Membership.
  • Feel confident that your co-workers do no not have access to your personal information submitted below.


  1. Submission of your information in this form does not guarantee a complimentary membership.
  2. Most often we will activate your membership within 3 business days.
  3. The length of time your complimentary membership will remain active is determined by several factors, but most often could be one year, or longer. You should keep in touch with your company’s POC for the Corporate Membership for details on how long they will authorize your complimentary membership.
  4. Have questions about this form or process? Please email ChrisS@aiaa.org

Note that a red asterisk ("*") next to a question indicates that a response is required.

Have you had an AIAA membership or account in the past?

Note: A common question after a new membership has been activated is “how do you modify preferences?” so that you can filter emails that align with your interests.

Answer: In the next email you receive from AIAA, click the unsubscribe button at the bottom to be taken to the email preferences options.