Classroom Grants & Microlessons

AIAA and The Boeing Company are excited to launch the “Boeing Inspires” Youth Engagement Program. Boeing Inspires is a national program that provides teachers with the tools to engage students in STEM subjects. The K–12 STEM activities feature classroom grants and aerospace micro-lessons.


Classroom Grants provide opportunities for teachers to supplement their lesson plans with hands-on STEM activities that engage students in creative and innovative projects. The program is a great resource for teachers to turn to for activities assistance; each school year $250 and $500 grants are awarded to up to 40 teachers.

Aerospace Micro-Lessons provides easily digestible, grade-specific lessons focused on aerospace principles. Each lesson, covering topics ranging from engineering, mathematics and physics, to highlighting significant dates in aerospace history, is broken down for K–12 grade levels and will spark conversation and interest in aerospace.

The program will support AIAA’s goal of reaching 1 million students per year through new and existing educational programs and partnerships. Together, Boeing and AIAA are expanding access to educators throughout the United States focused on teachers in areas with a high population of underrepresented racial, ethnic, and gender minorities. This coordinated effort will empower educators to inspire students and guide them towards a STEM career.