Exploration Generation

AIAA, Estes Industries, and the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) have joined together to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers through a new, multi-year initiative that will bring research-based aerospace education to thousands of classrooms nationwide.

Exploration Generation (ExGen) will provide K-12 educators with free lesson plans and curriculum storylines to help guide students as they explore various concepts in aerospace, engineering, and rocketry. High-quality professional learning experiences will also be developed to support teachers’ use of the ExGen instructional materials.

To help educators provide a more collaborative, student-centered learning environment where ideas are accessible and engaging for all students, each lesson plan, and the curriculum storylines, are grounded in sensemaking. Through this approach, students actively engage in a learning experience to make sense of phenomena in a way that aligns with their natural curiosity.

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Schedule of Lesson Releases

June 2022
Middle School: Model Rocketry Forces Playlist

October 2022
Grades 6-8 Lessons

More lessons to come spanning elementary through high school grade levels.

Grants for Title 1 Schools

Take learning to new heights with the Exploration Generation Grant, provided by AIAA. For the 2022–2023 academic year, we will be funding five $1,500 awards for educators or administrators at Title 1 schools. Awarded projects will receive funding to support engaging and inclusive implementation of STEM and aerospace-related projects.

Title 1 grant applications are open 1–30 September 2022. View more information and the grant application.

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National Science Teaching Association (NSTA)