Things to Do for Students at Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Engineers Week

K-12 Students



Student Engineering Project

The coronavirus pandemic has closed schools, sending children home to help ensure their safety and well-being. We encourage everyone to follow the coronavirus safety guidelines set out by the WHO and CDC.

AIAA has suggestions to help both students and teachers expand their minds and experience new ideas.

 Aerospace Micro-lessons

A great way to learn more about:

  • Space-based technology in your daily life
  • Juno at Jupiter
  • Apollo 11 and the first human on the moon
  • The Space Shuttle
  • The Douglas DC-3
  • Hovercrafts
  • Exoplanets
  • And more!
Our Latest Micro-lessons
 Build an AIAA paper airplane!

 Paper Airplane Front

 Paper Airplane Back

 Check out an F-35 in a virtual field trip