Ashley Award for Aeroelasticity Open for Nominations 1 February 2024 1 July 2024

The AIAA Ashley Award for Aeroelasticity recognizes outstanding contributions to the understanding and application of aeroelastic phenomena.  It commemorates the accomplishments of Prof. Holt Ashley, who dedicated his professional life to the advancement of aerospace sciences and engineering and had a profound impact on the fields of aeroelasticity, unsteady aerodynamics, aeroservoelasticity, and multidisciplinary optimization. The award is presented every four years generally at the AIAA Science and Technology Forum (SciTech). The next award presentation will be in 2021. Nomination Deadline: 1 July

Award Recipients


  • Prof Eli Livne
    University of Washington
    Award: 2021 Ashley Award for Aeroelasticity
    AIAA Citation: For carrying out foundational works for aeroservoelastic optimization; leadership in maturing active flutter suppression to practice, and for major contributions to dissemination of aeroelastic knowledge.


  • Charbel Farhat
    Stanford University
    AIAA Citation: For recent development of powerful reduced order models that have revolutionized computational aeroelasticity and fluid-structure interaction by allowing the simulation of complete practical aircraft configurations.


  • Prof Dewey H Hodges
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    AIAA Citation: For lasting contributions to analysis methodology for aeroelasticity of rotorcraft and high-aspect-ratio wings, and development of educational materials for undergraduate study of aeroelasticity.


  • Prof Peretz P Friedmann
    University of Michigan
    AIAA Citation: For lasting contributions in rotary and fixed wing aeroelasticity, active control, optimization with aeroelastic constraints and unsteady aerodynamics that had significant influence on vehicle design.