Excellence in Aerospace Standardization Award Open for Nominations 1 February 2021 1 July 2021

The Excellence in Aerospace Standardization Award is presented to recognize substantive contributions by individuals that advance the health of the aerospace community by enabling cooperation, competition, and growth through the standardization process. Such individuals may have been committee chairs, project leaders, or industry executives; the award is intended to recognize substantive accomplishment. Professional activity to be documented in the nomination package should include contributions that occurred within the last 5 years. Specific to this award, AIAA must receive five complete nominations in order for the award to be made. The nominee may not be a member of the Standards Executive Council for the past two years (24 months). This award is generally presented biennially (odd-numbered years) at the AIAA Science and Technology (SCITECH) Forum. This award will be not be presented in 2019

Award Recipients


  • Dr Christopher L Rumsey
    NASA-Langley Research Center
    AIAA Citation: For significant contributions to the CFD community in developing the CFD General Notation System (CGNS) as an internationally recognized standard for representation and exchange of CFD data.


  • Dr David Finkleman
    SkySentry, LLC
    AIAA Citation: For significant advancements in international cooperation and standardization in the area of space system and ground system operations and design.


  • Dr Paul S Gill
    AIAA Citation: For original vision and implementation of an outstanding and innovative technical standards initiative to support NASA’s engineering and technical staff and the aerospace industry.”


  • Dr Macgregor S Reid
    AIAA Citation: For contributions to the space community which have resulted in an internationally recognized standards program in AIAA and two ISO subcommittees for space standardization.


  • Dr William W Vaughan
    NASA Emeritus
    AIAA Citation: For original vision of an aerospace standards program, service as Chairman of the Standards Technical Council, and member of many Committees on Standards and Technical Committees.