Yvonne C. Brill Lecture in Aerospace Engineering Open for Nominations 10 November 2025 15 January 2026

The Yvonne C. Brill Lecture in Aerospace Engineering was established in 2013 in memory of Yvonne Brill, pioneering rocket scientist, AIAA Honorary Fellow and NAE member. She was a trailblazer at a time when women were not encouraged to enter the science and technology fields. The Lecture emphasizes research or engineering issues for space travel and exploration, aerospace education of students and the public, and other aerospace issues such as ensuring a diverse and robust engineering community.

This biennial award will be held at the National Academy of Engineering building in Washington, DC. in October, in the even years. This Lecture is free and open to the public. 

Accepting Online Nominations: 10 November (odd-numbered years)
Nomination Deadline: 15 January (even-numbered years)
Endorsement Letters Deadline: 1 February (even-numbered years)

 AIAA Lecture Nomination System Nomination Instructions 

Please submit a complete nomination package by the deadline date online only.

You may use the Word document below for draft purposes only. To be considered for an award, all nominations and references are to be submitted online in the appropriate portal (above) by the deadline date.

Nomination Form 

Award Recipients


  • Dr Penina Axelrad
    University of Colorado Boulder
    Award: 2024 AIAA-NAE Yvonne C. Brill Lectureship in Aerospace Engineering
    AIAA Citation: LECTURE: “The Evolution and Impact of Global Navigation Satellite Systems”


  • Dr Robert D Braun
    The Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL)
    Award: 2022 Yvonne C. Brill Lecture in Aerospace Engineering
    AIAA Citation: LECTURE: "Are We Alone? Grand Challenges in Solar System Exploration"


  • Dr Alejandro Miguel San Martin
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Award: 2020 AIAA-NAE Yvonne C. Brill Lecture in Aerospace Engineering
    AIAA Citation: LECTURE: “From Airbags to Wheels: The Evolution of GN&C for Entry, Descent, and Landing”


  • Dr Helen L Reed PE
    Texas A&M University
    Award: “Student Design-Build-Fly Micro- and Nano-Satellites”
    AIAA Citation: “Student Design-Build-Fly Micro- and Nano-Satellites”


  • Dr Wanda M Austin
    AIAA Citation: Engineering Leadership: The Need for Technical Excellence and Diversity.


  • Dr Adam D Steltzner
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    AIAA Citation: “System Engineering the Mars Entry Descent and Landing (EDL) System.”