Call for Awards Nominations

Nominate Your Peers and Colleagues for Technical and Management Awards!

Do you know someone who has made notable contributions to aerospace arts, sciences, or technology? Nominate them now!

All Nominations and References are to be submitted online. Nomination Packages are now being accepted for the awards listed below.

Awards are presented annually, unless otherwise indicated.

Any AIAA member in good standing may submit a nomination. Candidates do not need to be AIAA Members. At least 3 references are to be AIAA members. These references are to submit their endorsement online.

Before preparing a nomination, nominators are reminded to read the award guidelines and verify that the candidate is eligible.

Now Accepting Nominations

Dr. John C. Ruth Digital Avionics Award

The Digital Avionics Award was renamed in 2007 to honor Dr. John C. Ruth who founded the Digital Avionics Technical Committee and also served as Chair of the 4th Digital Avionics Conference in 1981. The award is presented to recognize outstanding achievement in technical management and/or implementation of digital avionics in space or aeronautical systems, including system analysis, design, development or application, and is presented biennially (in odd-numbered years) at the Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC). The next award will be made in 2019. Nomination Deadline: 1 February

Dryden Lecture in Research Award

The Dryden Lecture in Research was named in honor of Dr. Hugh L. Dryden in 1967, succeeding the Research Award established in 1960. The Lecture emphasizes the great importance of basic and applied research to the advancement in aeronautics and astronautics and is a salute to research scientists and engineers. This annual Lecture is generally presented at the AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition (SciTech). Nomination Deadline: 1 February

Haley Space Flight Award

This award was established in 1954 and presented through 1966 as the Astronautics Award. It was renamed and presented through 1993 as the Haley Astronautics Award, honoring Andrew G. Haley, who has been described as the world’s first practitioner of space law and an expert on rocket propulsion. Today known as the Haley Space Flight Award, the biennial (odd numbered years) award is presented for outstanding contributions by an astronaut or flight test personnel to the advancement of the art, science or technology of astronautics. The biennial award is generally presented at AIAA ASCEND. Nomination Deadline: 1 February

Space Automation & Robotics

Reactivated in 2005, the Space Automation and Robotics Award is presented for leadership and technical contributions by individuals and teams in the field of space automation and robotics. This biennial award is now presented (in odd-numbered years) and will be presented at AIAA ASCEND. Nomination Deadline: 1 February

Space Operations & Support Award

Established in 1991, the Space Operations & Support Award is presented for outstanding efforts in overcoming space operations problems and assuring success, and recognizes those teams or individuals whose exceptional contributions were critical to an anomaly recovery, crew rescue, or space failure. This award is presented biennially (in odd-numbered years) and will be presented at AIAA ASCEND. Nomination Deadline: 1 February

Space Systems Award

Up to 1976 known as the Spacecraft Design Award, the Space Systems Award is now presented to recognize outstanding achievements in the architecture, analysis, design, and implementation of space systems. This annual award will be presented at  AIAA ASCENDNomination Deadline: 1 February

von Braun Award for Excellence in Space Program Management

Approved by the Board of Directors in 1987, the von Braun Award for Excellence in Space Program Management gives national recognition to an individual(s) for outstanding contributions in the management of a significant space or space-related program or project. The award honors Dr. Wernher von Braun, who was one of the world's first and foremost rocket engineers and a leading authority on space travel. This annual award will be presented at the AIAA ASCEND.  Nomination Deadline: 1 February