Section Awards

All awards are bestowed annually in five section member categories, based on number of members in the Section: Very Small, Small, Medium, Large and Very Large. A certificate is presented to the winning sections in all size categories. The award period covered is 1 June–31 May of any Section year. The Annual Report is the Business Report for the Section and must be received before a Section can receive any rebate for the next year. Section officers can access the award nomination forms in the Section Officer's Community Library on AIAA Engage.

The AIAA Section Awards honor particularly notable performances made by an Institute section working as a unit, and are intended to formally underscore the AIAA conviction that intellectually stimulating section activity is fundamental to the health of the Institute. There are eight different types of awards, including:

Career and Workforce Development Award
Presented for section activities that are beneficial to career development, such as: Time Management Workshops, Career Transition Workshops, Career Benefits Workshops (health care reform, financial planning, pension portability, etc.), Technical v. Management Career Path Workshops, Resume Writing Workshops, etc..
Nomination Deadline: 1 June

Communications Award
Presented to section that has produced and distributed to its members at least four excellent newsletters during the section year. Any three or more different newsletters may be submitted for award consideration. Criteria for selecting winners include effectiveness of communicating local and national news to members, timeliness and breadth of articles, editorial content, variety of material covered, format and appearance of the publication
Nomination Deadline: 1 June

Harry Staubs STEM K-12 Outreach Award
Presented to sections that have developed and implemented an outstanding STEM K-12 outreach program that provided quality educational resources for the nation's K-12 teachers in the STEM areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Nomination Deadline: 1 June

Membership Award
Presented to the membership chairperson for successfully increasing the section's membership by planning and implementing effective new member recruitment and retention campaigns.
Nomination Deadline: 1 June

Outstanding Section Award
Presented to sections judged on their overall activities and contributions throughout the year. The basis for this award is the Section Annual Report. Annual reports automatically become entries for this award.
Nomination Deadline: 1 June

Outstanding Activity Award
Each year AIAA extends special recognition to sections which held an outstanding activity during the section year.
Nomination Deadline: 1 June

Public Policy Award
Presented to sections for stimulating public awareness of the needs and benefits of aerospace research and development, particularly on the part of government representatives, and for educating its members in the value of public policy activities.
Nomination Deadline: 1 June

Young Professional Activity Award
Presented to sections that demonstrate excellence in planning and executing successful events that encourage the participation of young members in AIAA and provide opportunities for leadership at the sectional, regional, and national levels.
Nomination Deadline: 1 June

To submit a nomination request, please send an email to Emily Springer, Manager, Member Communities, with the following information: 

  1. Your name
  2. Your organization
  3. A message that includes the nominees full name and organization