Aerospace Robotics Competition

Aerospace Robotics Camp (ARC)

ARC will be in-person in 2022

This year's competition will be an in-person competition in three different regions: New England, Southern California, and Florida. The competition format is the following:

  1. Autonomous: The UAV will be required to complete an autonomous task. The exact mission may change from year to year.
  2. Semi-Autonomous: A student pilot will be required to fly the UAV in the completion of a task. The exact mission may change from year to year.
  3. Presentation: Teams will demonstrate their understanding of the UAV using core aerospace engineering principles. Creativity is encouraged in their design of the UAV and plan for completing the flight missions. This is where teams can showcase their work.

This year’s competition will offer the option of using a kit hobby drone or the DJI Tello drone. Teams can choose which drone to go with depending on level of interest and past experience.

NOTE: We understand the evolving situation with COVID and will adjust accordingly based on local and federal guidelines and rules.

We look forward to having teams participate! Please let us know if you have any questions! You can also find more information about this year’s competition here:

For more information about ARC please visit or contact us at