AIAA Roger W. Kahn Scholarship
Roger W. Kahn

AIAA is awarding up to four $10,000 scholarships to high school seniors who enroll in an engineering major at a college or university!

Scholarship also includes:

$2,500 travel stipend to attend an AIAA event or program such as AIAA SciTech, AIAA AVIATION, AIAA Propulsion and Energy, or ASCEND

A mentor from AIAA’s professional members to help guide the student to achieve a career in aerospace.


The application deadline is 1 March 2021. For questions, e-mail

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 Eligibility Requirements

Current high school senior intending to pursue an aerospace or STEM major at a college or university (must provide proof of enrollment to receive the scholarship funds)

Minimum high school GPA of 3.5

Demonstrated interest in aerospace through extracurricular activities

Underrepresented students encouraged to apply

 Application Documents

Transcript that shows high school GPA

1-page statement that describes STEM-related studies and/or extracurricular activities

Letter of recommendation from STEM educator or mentor

Application form