Student Branches

AIAA currently has over 200 active student branches, including 44 foreign student branches, with a total active membership of over 7,500 students worldwide. Your student branch is your base of operations in AIAA during your college years, and it’s an open door to professional activities, recognition, and contacts that would otherwise be unavailable to students.

Charter a Student Branch at Your School

A student branch may be established at any junior college, college, or university with programs in engineering or science leading to a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in science, technology, or a recognized equivalent.

Requirements for Starting a Student Branch:

  • The school must be accredited by ABET, Inc. (formerly the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) or by the appropriate regional accrediting body.
  • At least one school faculty member, who is an AIAA Professional Member, must act as Faculty Advisor to the student branch.
  • The Dean of the Engineering School, or an equivalent academic official, must write a letter of endorsement giving the school's official recognition of the group.
  • At least one school faculty member, who is an AIAA Professional Member, must serve as Faculty Advisor to the student branch.
  • At least fifteen (15) students must have enrolled as student members of AIAA.
  • The prospective branch must submit proof of accreditation of the school's engineering programs.
  • The prospective branch must submit a set of bylaws (these may be found in the Student Branch Manual).
  • The student branch subcommittee and Council of Directors must review and vote on your application for a charter. If the application is approved, your educational institution will be granted a charter.


2020 Application Schedule
  • Application submissions open: 1 August 2019
  • Deadline to submit application:  13 October 2019
  • Review by Committee: 14-31 October 2019
  • Council of Directors to make final vote at SciTech in January 2020

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AIAA Student Branches

Here is a listing of all current AIAA Student Branches:

 Student Branch Directory

For further information please contact Rachel Dowdy at or 703.264.7577.