Things to Do When You’re a Teleworking Aerospace Engineer or Aerospace Engineering Student

Many aerospace organizations are having their employees work from home to mitigate exposure to the coronavirus and keep communities, especially the most vulnerable members, safe and healthy. AIAA applauds and supports this decision.

We encourage everyone to follow the coronavirus safety guidelines set out by the WHO and CDC.

We understand you still have work to do and may be looking for new ways to connect while you telecommute. We can help.


For the latest updates about AIAA events and forums that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic visit:

If you’re a teleworking aerospace professional and have children at home, AIAA has some suggestions to keep your budding aerospace engineer busy.

 Have time to update your research knowledge? Aerospace Research Central has more than 50 years’ worth of research papers.

Looking to start a conversation and hash out a technical topic? Go to Engage.

Recent topics include:

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Want to learn something new or brush up your skills? Sign up for online learning. 

Latest course listings:

Looking to broaden your understanding of the latest issues in aerospace? Read Aerospace America.

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The May 2020 issue of Aerospace America is now live. Don’t miss this month's cover story, "Action Plans," by Cat Hofacker. Also, see if you possess the knowledge to solve this month's AeroPuzzler: Surviving the Fall.

  • ASCEND-Sustainability-thumbnail ASCENDxSustainability: Sustaining Space for the Next Generation

    8 June 2022 1200 - 1415 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    The space industry was NOT created with sustainability in mind. Learn how sustainability is defined and embraced for space. Discover how space companies are taking sustainability to the next level.
  • Career Fair - register now AIAA Professional Virtual Career Fair

    10 May 2022 1500 - 1800 (Eastern Daylight Time)


    Calling all experienced aerospace professionals—recruiters representing some of the biggest names in the industry want to connect with talented professionals like you!

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