Introduction to Communication Satellites and their Subsystems (Parts 1 and 2)

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From 2012

These TWO 90 minute (plus Q&A) introductory webinars presented the basic technologies and designs used in communication satellites, and the system considerations that underlie the selection of a particular type of system. A brief history was given of the field prior to beginning the coverage of system, economic, and technical aspects. An introduction to the environments encountered in space was given. The various orbits used for satellite communications were described along with the pros and cons associated with the selection of any specific orbit(s). There was then a breakdown given of the various subsystems making up typical communication satellites, with an introduction to the types of technologies used in these. The synthesis and analysis techniques on which the subsystem designs are based were described. Finally, the typical test program for a communication satellite was discussed in detail.

Learning Objectives
  • Short history of satellite communications
  • The Space Environment
  • Communication satellite orbits
  • Satellite Subsystems
  • Satellite test programs
Who Should Attend

The course material is intended to allow engineers working in other fields to gain an overall understanding of satellite communications, however its prime purpose is to give a relatively broad overview of the field rather than presenting any rigorous mathematical justification of the concepts covered, so it should also be suitable for a more general audience with even a relatively limited technical background.

Recommended Book
Edward Ashford has more than 45 years of aerospace experience, of which some 35, at ESA, Lockheed-Martin, and SES-Global, were devoted to communication satellites. He is the author of one book on the history and characteristics of communication satellites, and co-author/contributing author of two others on their basic operating principles and services. He is the director of the Delft University of Technology’s masters course on space systems engineering and a lecturer there on communications satellite topics.