Practical Design Methods for Aircraft and Rotorcraft Flight Control for UAV Applications 7 March 2019 1300 - 1500

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This Webinar will present practical flight control system design methods for aircraft and rotorcraft UAVs and illustrate these methods with flight-test case studies. First, the optimization-based approach to practical flight control design using CONDUIT® will be presented, with special emphasis on UAV applications. The majority of the webinar will present detailed case studies demonstrating methods and flight test results for full-scale and sub-scale UAVs. Recent case studies of multi-copter UAVs will be highlighted, since these configurations are receiving a lot of current interest in the UAV community.

Learning Objectives

  • Practical flight control design methods and historical lessons learned
  • Optimization-based approach to flight control design using CONDUIT®
  • Fixed and rotorcraft UAV case studies:
    • design specifications
    • flight control optimization methods and results
    • flight test validation of flight control performance
    • flight test results and comparisons with legacy controllers
  • Ongoing research

Who Should Attend

The Webinar is intended for aerospace engineering faculty, students, and for practicing aircraft and rotorcraft flight dynamics and control system engineers. A basic knowledge of flight dynamics and control fundamentals, methods, and flight control concepts is assumed. However, the attendee is not expected to be an expert, and webinar will not contain advanced mathematics. This webinar should challenge the practicing engineer to consider where their flight-control processes can be improved or augmented with the design requirements and methods of simulation, design, and analysis as presented and illustrated herein.


Dr. Mark Tischler is a Senior Technologist and Flight Control Technology group leader with the U.S. Army Aviation Development Directorate at Moffett Field, CA. Tischler headed the development of widely-used tools for dynamics and control analysis and has been involved in numerous flight-test projects. He has published widely in this field and is the author of Aircraft and Rotorcraft System Identification: Engineering Methods With Flight Test Examples, 2nd Edition (AIAA 2012), Practical Methods for Aircraft and Rotorcraft Flight Control Design: An Optimization-Based Approach (AIAA 2017), and Advances in Aircraft Flight Control (Ed) (AIAA and Taylor & Francis, 1996).

On June 15-16, Dr. Tischler will be teaching the 2-day short course Practical Design Methods for Aircraft and Rotorcraft Flight Control for Manned and UAV Applications with Hands-on Training using CONDUIT® in conjunction with the AIAA AVIATION Forum in Dallas, TX.