Workshop for Integrated Propeller Prediction (WIPP) 16 June 2019 0800 - 1700 Governors Lecture Hall, Hilton Anatole, Dallas, Texas

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0800–1700 hrs


  • Propeller-wing interactions are becoming important for the design of electric / distributed propulsion aircraft
  • There is a current lack of open propeller validation databases available to industry 

Workshop Objectives

To validate the aerodynamic efficiency benefits of wing tip mounted propellers and the ability of CFD to accurately predict them using powered low speed wind tunnel test data on a generic configuration representative of the X-57. 

  1. Generate Open Powered Wind Tunnel Test Database for CFD Validation of Propeller Effects in General and Tip Mounted Propeller Effects Specifically. 
    1. Propeller Simulations (Actuator Disk and Rotating Blade)
    2. Propeller Interaction with the Wing
    3. Propeller Interaction with the Aileron (Control Surface)
  2. Validate Tip Mounted Propeller Aero Efficiency Benefit. 
    1. Impact of Propeller on Wing Aerodynamic Efficiency 

Test Overview

  • Powered wind tunnel testing completed in Oct 2018.
  • Propeller interactions measured over a variety of flight conditions, power settings, and control surface deflections.
  • Test data for validation: balance force/moment, wing pressure taps, and rake survey data.
  • Mashes available
  • Prop on and off data available.  

General Info

  • WIPP is modeled after the Drag Prediction Workshops. 
    • Blind comparison
    • Geometry, test conditions, sample meshes, and required post-processing data provided
  • Participants will be provided with geometry, sample meshes, and test conditions.
  • Results will be compiled, compared to wind tunnel test data, and presented at the workshop in an open, unbiased forum.
  • Participation in the workshop studies are not required to attend.
  • Download the WIPP flyer
  • For more info visit the WIPP websites at: 

Workshop Organizing Committee and Contacts

Rick Hooker, Helden Aerospace, Workshop POC  

Starr Ginn, NASA, Committee Chair 

Dan Vicroy, NASA 

Hyun Kim, NASA 

Ben Schiltgen, ESAero

Andrew Wick, Helden Aerospace