F-35 Program Working On More Major Fixes Than Previously Believed Written 13 June 2019

13 June 2019
Defense News reports that the F-35 has 13 major flaws that are currently impacting operations, with most having “escaped intense scrutiny by Congress and the media,” and a majority not even being “publicly disclosed, exposing a lack of transparency about the limitations of the Defense Department’s most expensive and high-profile weapons system.” Vice Admiral Mat Winter said that the F-35 Joint Program Office has made quick progress on most of the issues, and that “there are no discrepancies that put at risk a decision of the department to approve us to go into full-rate production.” Of the 13 issues, nine are expected to be fixed or downgraded by the start of full-rate production, while two will be fixed with future software. Two problems are not expected to be addressed. (Image Credit: U.S. Navy | Wikimedia Commons)
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