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Young Professional Profile January 2018

Oct 17, 2019, 14:36 PM
Title : Young Professional Profile January 2018
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Description : Omkar C. Halbe
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Omkar-C-Halbe-YP-Profile-January2018Name: Omkar C. Halbe

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Currently lives: Munich, Germany


  • B.Tech. Electronics Engineering, VJTI Mumbai University, 2008 
  • M.Eng. Systems Engineering, Cornell University, 2009

Employer: Airbus Helicopters

Job Description: I am a systems engineer specializing in helicopter avionics. I work on the development and certification of pilot assistance and situation awareness functions and associated human factors aspects on all civil helicopter platforms at Airbus. The focus of my work is always centered around enhancing operational safety for helicopter pilots.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you “grew up”?
I have always dreamt of building vehicles that "fly". Things with "fans" on their "heads" have particularly fascinated me.

How far can YOU see? Where do you see the aerospace industry 10–20 years from now?
I envision wide-scale use of large unpiloted drones and autonomous vehicles in transporting passengers within and outside cities, or bring critical patients to hospitals, or rescue people during disasters. Artificial intelligence will replace human piloting skills to make commercial air transport safer, more efficient and reliable.

One insightful fact you want everyone to know:
Let not the thought of success, fame or money but a thirst for knowledge, creativity and innovation be your driving factor.

Professional Interests:
To push the boundaries of autonomy and autonomous flight.

Soccer, Yoga, Building drones

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