SGAC Member Discount and Engagement Opportunities

Space Generation Advisory CouncilWe  are pleased to offer Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) members the opportunity to join AIAA at a special one-time rate and engage in the following committees and communities.

Reasons to join AIAA include:

  • Access to member rates for events hosted by AIAA
  • Opportunities to participate on AIAA committees
  • Networking: Meet and connect with others in your field, including industry leaders, peers, and potential employers.
  • Career Development: Our communities create workshops, seminars, and webinars that provide valuable insights and training to help you advance in your career.
  • Credibility: Membership in AIAA and participating on a specific committee demonstrates your commitment to your profession, which can enhance your credibility and reputation.
 AIAA SGAC Member Prices
  • Student members: $20 (discount code: 20SGACS23)
  • Young Professional members: $50 (discount code: 23SGACYP50)

To take advantage of this reduced membership offer, use the discount codes above. You must join by 31 December 2023 to qualify for these special one-time rates. If you have any questions, please email Customer Service .

 Join an AIAA Community Where You Can Make a Difference

1. AIAA Technical Committees (TCs): TCs consist of worldwide experts in their fields who help develop, support, and administer AIAA products and services, including forums, publications, awards, and student design contests. The following TCs are looking forward to more specific SGAC engagement:

  • Information Command and Control Systems
  • Computer Systems
  • Human-Machine Teaming
  • Space Architecture
  • Small Satellites
  • Space Transportation
  • Space Systems
  • Space Logistics

TC applications are open until 16 October 2023

Apply Now

2. Aerospace Cybersecurity Working Group (ACWG): The ACWG will provide opportunities to educate those involved with conceptualization, design, development, testing, deployment, operations, maintenance, and management of aerospace systems. ACWG seeks to engage in active information exchange among those involved in aerospace related cybersecurity, documenting the results, and making those results available to the broader aerospace systems community. The goal of the working group is to enable organizations to improve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of aerospace systems and data.

3. AIAA Young Professionals Group: This group within the AIAA Integration and Outreach Division communicates the perspective of and delivers programming for the young professional community. Join Here 

4. AIAA Journals Reviewer: AIAA publishes eight peer-reviewed journals. For Reviewer consideration, please create an account in ScholarOne Manuscripts . Where possible, please answer all questions. An Editor may contact you to review appropriate topic manuscripts based on information from your registration.

As an SGAC member, if you are interested in any of the opportunities above, please let us know by completing the following form. AIAA will gladly follow up with more details. Most AIAA committees request participation in 2–3 face-to-face meetings per year and a commitment of at least 2–3 hours per week to engage in committee activity.