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    Engineers Week
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    SandyMagnus2Dear Fellow AIAA Members:

    From 19 February to 25 February, AIAA will be joining the national celebration of Engineers Week. The theme for 2017 is “Engineers Dream Big!” Every day, aerospace engineers turn dreams into reality—conceiving, designing, building, testing, and refining the next innovative breakthrough that will expand our understanding of the universe. Our members are diverse, with different areas of expertise, talents, and vision, but they share their collaborative spirit across all borders in pursuit of progress and perfection. It’s this sense of shared discovery that we seek to celebrate during Engineers Week with the next generation.

    We encourage you to get involved in your community to introduce and promote our profession to young people—the next generation of engineers. With special days like “Global Day,” on 24 February, and “Girl Day” on 25 February, there are myriad ways for you to participate as an ambassador of our amazing aerospace community. For suggestions on how to lead an activity, visit DiscoverE’s website. If your region or section is already hosting an event, please include #AIAA and #EWeek2017 in your social media posts. We want our members out in the community and look forward to hearing how you have impacted the engineers of the future!

    Thank you for all you do for the Institute and the aerospace community! Let’s help the world understand our passion and why we will continue to “Dream Big!”

    Warmest regards,
    Sandra Magnus
    Executive Director, AIAA

    AIAA is excited to once again take part in the global movement known as Engineers Week. February 19-25 2017. During Engineers Week we will:

    Bullet Celebrate how engineers make a difference in the world

    Bullet Increase the awareness of our need for engineers in the future

    Bullet Bring the wide array of engineering disciplines to kids, educators and parents

    Bullet A week-long marathon of events that will spur interest for the entire year



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    Educate – Activities

    Engaging kids in science, technology, engineering and mathematics has never been easier. Numerous organizations

    including NASA, DiscoverE and the AIAA Foundation have created and shared activities for use in and out of the classroom.

    Download Volunteer Information Kits:

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