If the Future of Your Career is Linked to the Future of Aviation, These Three Days Are Packed With All You Need to Know Written 5 August 2013


AIAA AVIATION 2013, a one-of-a-kind event set for 12–14 August in Los Angeles, brings together the entire aviation enterprise for the frank discussions necessary to maintain innovation, spark discovery, and drive progress throughout the aviation value chain. At this must-attend conference, attendees will engage with thought leaders and decision makers to discuss the global outlook for commercial, military, general, and business aviation. Challenges and opportunities will be outlined by recognized industry experts. Key topics such as the impact of increased connectivity and cyber security and the growing imperative associated with our industry’s energy needs will be discussed in depth. We’ll look at the market and demand for unmanned systems and how this evolving capability will complement and add value to our traditional fleets and operations. To wrap up the conversation we’ll invite distinguished speakers to facilitate a dialog on the technology and policy needs that will shape the discussion moving forward.

Seven general sessions focus on:

  • Commercial Aviation: Global Outlook, Opportunities, and Challenges
  • Military Aviation: Future Challenges Facing Military Aviation
  • Business Aviation, General Aviation, and Rotorcraft: Global Outlook, Opportunities, and Challenges
  • The Connectivity Challenge: Protecting Critical Assets in a Networked World
  • The Energy Imperative
  • Developing the Market for Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Shaping the Discussion: Key Policy Issues

AVIATION 2013 includes the following conferences:

  • Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations (ATIO) Conference
  • International Powered Lift Conference (IPLC)
  • Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange (CASE)

Join us in this critical collaboration. “Be a part of this most important conference,” said James Vasatka, conference general chair, and chief engineer of aviation security for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “Help define a shared vision for the future that will continue to transform our economy, security and way life.” Visit www.aiaa.org/aviation2013 to register, or for a complete listing of speakers and a detailed schedule.