Call for Papers for Journal of Aerospace Information Systems Written 28 April 2015

Special Issue on “Federated and Fractionated Satellite Systems (FSS)”

The Journal of Aerospace Information Systems is devoted to the applied science and engineering of aerospace computing, information, and communication. Original archival research papers are sought that include significant scientific and technical knowledge and concepts. In particular, articles are sought which demonstrate the application of recent research in computing, information, and communications technology to a wide range of practical aerospace problems in the analysis and design of vehicles, onboard avionics, ground-based processing and control systems, flight simulation, and air transportation systems.

The Journal of Aerospace Information Systems intends to publish a special issue on federated and fractionated satellite systems. In addition to regular submissions, the issue will host a selection of peer-reviewed contributions from the 2015 Federated and Fractionated Satellite Systems (FSS) Workshop, to be held on August 27-28, 2015, at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

Guidelines for preparing your manuscript can be found in the full Call for Papers on the JAIS page in Aerospace Research Central; The journal website is

Background: Federated and fractionated satellite systems are novel concepts in space systems design. Federated spacecraft aim to create a commercial cloud-computing environment to enable sharing and trading of in-space resources between spacecraft. Fractionated spacecraft aim to reallocate the functionality of traditional monolithic spacecraft into smaller units that interact through wireless intersatellite links. Fractionated spacecraft allow the deployment of innovative mission concepts that are designed for architectural flexibility, diversification of risk, and elimination of fragility in space systems, through innovative space communication concepts. Federated and fractionated spacecraft are instances of distributed satellite system concepts.

Topics of interest to the Special Issue include concepts and enabling technologies for Federated Satellite Systems, Fractionated Spacecraft, and Distributed Space Systems. Examples include:

  1. Systems Architecture and Mission Studies
  2. Distributed decision making and spacecraft cooperation
  3. Satellite distributed processing
  4. Inter-satellite-link payloads
  5. Optical space communications
  6. Space communication protocols development and standardization
  7. Free-space wireless power transmission
  8. Plug-and-play space hardware
  9. Resource management under uncertainty and network scheduling

Deadline: Submissions are due by 30 September 2015.

Publication Date: The anticipated publication date of the special issue is January 2016.

Contact Email:  Alessandro Golkar (Skoltech); Daniel Selva (Cornell University); and Olivier de Weck (MIT)