AIAA to Celebrate Achievements in the Aerospace Sciences AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition 2015 Written 4 June 2015

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June 4, 2015 – Reston, Va. – The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics will celebrate technical achievements in the aerospace sciences at a 12:30 p.m. (CST) luncheon on June 23, as part of the AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition (AIAA AVIATION 2015), June 22–26, at the Hilton Anatole, Dallas, Texas.

The honorees are:

  • Sumanta Acharya, Ring Chair and professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, will receive the AIAA 2015 Thermophysics Award. The award recognizes Acharya’s “significant contributions to gas turbine heat transfer and aerodynamics, investigation of novel cooling schemes and application of emerging computational methodologies for gas turbine cooling.”

  • Philip E. Cassady, senior technical fellow (retired), The Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington, will receive the AIAA 2015 Plasmadynamics and Lasers Award. The award recognizes Cassady’s “distinguished contributions to the development of aero-optics and high power laser fluid dynamics.”

  • Russell M. Cummings, Department of Aeronautics, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, will receive the AIAA 2015 Aerodyanmics Award. The award recognizes Cummings “for a career devoted to predicting and understanding the vortical flowfields about aircraft at high angles of attack and during maneuvers.”

  • Robert F. Ide, mechanical test engineer, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, will receive the AIAA 2015 Ground Testing Award. The award recognizes Ide’s “outstanding technical achievements in icing and wind tunnel calibration and testing at the NASA Glenn Research Center Icing Research Tunnel and other ground test facilities.”

  • Nigel Peake, professor, applied mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge, Great Britain, will receive the AIAA 2015 Aeroacoustics Award. The award recognizes Peake’s “significant contributions to the understanding and prediction of turbomachinery, noise generation and scattering.”

  • Philip L. Roe, professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, will receive the AIAA 2015 Fluid Dynamics Award. The award recognizes Roe’s “seminal contributions to the design of numerical algorithms for simulations of compressible flows.”

  • Ian A. Waitz, dean, School of Engineering and Jerome C. Hunsaker Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, will receive the AIAA 2015 Losey Atmospheric Sciences Award. The award recognizes Waitz’s “outstanding fundamental contributions and leadership in the understanding and mitigation of the impact of aircraft emissions on the atmosphere.”

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