Introducing: DEMAND for UNMANNED: Catalyst for the Machine Intelligence Revolution Written 12 February 2016

This new symposium—held on 15-16 June in conjunction with AIAA AVIATION 2016—will focus on UAS-related research and development topics in order to address user needs.

Participants will discover how unmanned aerial systems are catalysts for autonomy, robotics, and machine intelligence; and are changing the nature of civil and military aviation.

Preliminary Agenda

  • The Changing Face of Aerospace – The Impact of UAS
  • Perspectives on the Future of Autonomous Systems and Technology
  • The Autonomy “Dream”
    • National Research Council’s “Autonomy Research for Civil Aviation Study”
    • NASA’s Autonomy Roadmap
    • DOD Perspectives
  • Visions of the Future and the Pace of Change
    • UAS Traffic Management (UTM)
    • Transformation in the National Aerospace System
    • FAA’s Center of Excellence for UAS Research (ASSURE)
    • The User Experience
  • UAS Student Competition – an alpha test for a high school robotics competition

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