Innovation or Disruption Written 17 April 2017

The world of aviation is at a crossroads. Social and economic disruptors like the growth in UAVs, increased cyber risks, and new green aviation requirements are relying on innovations in electric propulsion, digital manufacturing, robotics, and autonomy to address future requirements.
At the 2017 AIAA AVIATION Forum, you will engage in conversations with about 3,000 participants--presidents, vice presidents, CEOs, CTOs, directors, project managers, engineers, and scientists--about innovative programs and research activities:

  • Current Trends in Aviation Innovation
  • Beyond the Robots: Toward Situated Autonomy
  • Civil Transport
  • Electric Aviation
  • Green Aviation
  • X-Planes: Discovery Through Flight
  • Evolving Culture of Aviation
  • Supersonic Transport
  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Aircraft Electric Propulsion: Transforming Aviation
  • Data Analytics and the Internet of Things
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • NASA Aeronautics New Aviation Horizons
  • Cybersecurity Symposium
  • Transformational Electric Flight Workshop and Expo
  • More than 2,000 technical presentations
  • New workshops and courses
  • Meet the Employers event


Cybersecurity Symposium
5 June 2017, Denver, CO
As aircraft become fully digitized, cybersecurity risks increase. Using the fictional company Baudelaire Aerospace as a target, participants will work with cybersecurity experts to study Baudelaire’s weak security links, identify risks, and develop a strategy to protect the company assets from cyberattack. Register for only the symposium, or as included in your AIAA AVIATION Forum.

Transformational Electric Flight Workshop and Expo
7–9 June
Learn about new electric propulsion technologies that transforming flight. Experts from around the world will talk about the newest technologies in propulsion, airframe design and batteries, and explore the intersection of information integration, deep learning and aviation. Discover the efforts to refine an industry roadmap for emerging powered lift aircraft utilizing electric/hybrid power and distributed propulsion.