AIAA Inducted Into the San Diego Air & Space Museum International Air & Space Hall of Fame Written 10 November 2017

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Institute Selected in Recognition of More than 85 Years of Aerospace Leadership and Technical Excellence

November 10, 2017Reston, Va. – The Am300erican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) was inducted into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame at a gala celebration at the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s Pavilion of Flight. More than 25 student and professional AIAA members attended the 9 November celebration, including Executive Director Dr. Sandra Magnus.

On 9 November, AIAA was inducted into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame at a gala celebration at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. Shown above at the gala are members of the AIAA San Diego Section, AIAA San Diego State University Student Branch, volunteer leaders, staff, and other Institute guests. (click for larger image)

“This is a tremendous honor for our members and the Institute,” said Magnus at the gala. “Although it is the aircraft, spacecraft, and programs that enable us to reach new heights, fly further, and go faster, it is the people—aerospace professionals here and around the world—who design, test, build, and operate them. The true spirit and strength of AIAA is in our nearly 30,000 individual, corporate, and student members. I am proud that tonight, we were able to celebrate the whole of our members’ accomplishments, recognize their technical and scientific excellence, and their volunteer leadership.”

Since 1963, the International Air & Space Hall of Fame has honored more than 200 of the world’s most significant pilots, crew members, visionaries, inventors, aerospace engineers, business leaders, preservationists, designers, space pioneers, and aerospace-related organizations and companies.

“AIAA has always been passionate about the men and women who challenge the status quo; who harness the uniquely human qualities of creativity, reasoning, and innovation to overcome challenges and move us beyond preconceived thresholds in aviation and space,” said AIAA President Jim Maser. “The Institute is the nexus of a dynamic global enterprise where the ideas and discoveries from the wide spectrum of traditional, emerging, and adjacent aerospace players are shared and connected.”

Honorees are selected for qualitative achievements and historic contributions to aviation, space or aerospace innovation, or expanding the public’s aviation and space awareness to the world. Their individual contributions are prime examples of endurance and the adventurous exploring spirit in the pursuit of knowledge and scientific advancement to benefit the world.

AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus and Chief Operating Officer Angelo Iasiello accepting an original painting, certificate, and medal on behalf of the Institute from George Gould (far left) and Ramin Pourteymour (far right) of the San Diego Air & Space Museum at the 9 November gala celebration. (click for larger image)

“We are especially pleased to honor AIAA as part of this exemplary Class of 2017. Created in 1963 by the merger of the two great aerospace societies of the day—the American Rocket Society and the Institute of the Aerospace Sciences—the Institute carries forth a proud tradition of more than 85 years of aerospace leadership,” said Jim Kidrick, president & CEO of the San Diego Air & Space Museum. “Put simply, AIAA is the world’s most significant technical society actively contributing to the aeronautical and astronautical sciences. Considering so many of our Hall of Fame inductees are, or were, AIAA members, we thought it was time the Institute itself was recognized for all the amazing work done by its members and staff.”

The other members of the Class of 2017 are: The Atlas Rocket Program, Hudson B. Drake, Embry-Riddle’s Golden Eagles Flight Team, John Herrington, Christa McAuliffe, John J. Montgomery, and Chance Vought. Guests from around the world joined the honorees for an evening recognition, as each attendee was offered an experiential peek into the lives of these air and space legends.

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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is nearly 30,000 engineers and scientists, and 95 corporate members, from 85 countries who are dedicated to advancing the global aerospace profession. The world’s largest aerospace technical society, the Institute convenes five yearly forums; publishes books, technical journals, and Aerospace America; hosts a collection of 160,000 technical papers; develops and maintains standards; honors and celebrates achievement; and advocates on policy issues. AIAA serves aerospace professionals around the world—who are shaping the future of aerospace—by providing the tools, insights, and collaborative exchanges to advance the state of the art in engineering and science for aviation, space, and defense. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter @AIAA.



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