SpaceX To Launch First Recycled Rocket For NASA Tuesday Written 12 December 2017

The AP reports that SpaceX plans to “launch its first recycled rocket for NASA” on Tuesday’s ISS resupply mission. The mission will take off from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The refurbished Falcon 9 rocket will carry a “Dragon capsule that’s also flown on a previous space station supply run.” SpaceX will attempt to recover the first-stage booster after launch. NASA ISS Manager Kirk Shireman “said the risk of launching a recycled rocket is about the same as for a brand new one,” and “expects to be just as anxious as he always is at every launch.” SpaceX manager Jessica Jensen called the launch “the beginning of rapid and reliable reusability,” adding that reusability will be “a very key part” of the company’s plans “to be able to send thousands of people into space, not just tens.” SpaceX, Jensen said, is “excited because tomorrow is just one step closer to that.”
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