Colorado Police Using UAVs In Crash Investigations Written 22 January 2018

The Denver Post reports that Fort Collins, Colorado, police started using UAVs in 2017 to “investigate serious and fatal crashes for the first time.” Police relied on the technology “seven times during the course of crash investigations last year.” The UAVs “help police snap photos faster and open roads sooner, according to members of Fort Collins police CRASH team, which responds to serious crashes.” With the use of UAVs, police “continue to mark evidence with tents but can expedite the process by snapping overhead photos and then calculating measurements after the scene has reopened.” CRASH team member Officer Tim Brennan explained that the technology is “not the end-all be-all,” because there are “limitations where you can fly.” Despite the limitations, Fort Collins police “anticipate that other agencies in the county will begin using drones more regularly in their own crash investigations because they act as a helpful tool in collecting more evidence.”
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