US Air Force Eyes June Date For Falcon Heavy STP-2 Mission Written 15 February 2018

Bloomberg News reports that the US Air Force is “targeting” June for its “Space Test Program 2 mission, or STP-2, a spokeswoman for the Space and Missile Systems Center said in an email.” The launch is able to occur before the Falcon Heavy “is certified by the military because the mission is considered experimental,” although the rocket “will eventually have to complete the validation process to carry out national security launches.” The STP-2 mission will carry a payload of three satellites for Arabsat, Inmarsat, and Viasat, but will also demonstrate the “new rocket’s capabilities.” The mission is also likely to be the “Falcon Heavy’s first launch for a paying customer.” SpaceX plans to conduct 30 launches in 2018, the “majority using its smaller Falcon 9 rocket.”
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