NASA Outlines Lunar Mission Timeline Written 22 February 2018

Aerospace America reported that at a meeting Monday, NASA “outlined how it is adapting its human spaceflight timeline to meet the Trump administration’s directive to return astronauts to the lunar surface as its top priority.” At the meeting of NASA Advisory Council’s Human Exploration and Operations committee, NASA Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations Bill Gerstenmaier laid out NASA’s aim to build the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, to be located between Earth and the moon, by 2025. The space station, formerly called the Deep Space Gateway, would “support human missions to the lunar surface in a lander that NASA is in the early stages of planning with companies.” Following the meeting, Gerstenmaier said that construction of the lander would require postponing assembly of the Deep Space Transport spaceship for an eventual Mars mission. Gerstenmaier “said that if NASA’s Space Launch System rockets are completed on schedule, they will launch elements of the Gateway during several trips to cislunar orbit, the term for the region between Earth and the moon, to meet the 2025 assembly timeline.” 
Full Story (Aerospace America, by Tom Risen)