AeroVironment Hardens Puma 3 UAV Against “Harsh And Demanding” RF Environments Written 30 March 2018

Airforce Technology reported that AeroVironment has upgraded its Puma 3 “all-environment” UAV to be “operational in more challenging radio frequency (RF) environments.” The upgraded version supports the effective operation of the UAV’s “i45 electro-optical / infrared (EO / IR) sensor suite with signals intelligence (SIGINT) payloads in harsh and demanding environments.” The UAV also received “security upgrades that would enable the UAS to perform in challenging RF environments, with M1 / M2 / M5 and M3 / M4 / M6 frequency bands, in addition to AES-256 encryption.” According to AeroVironment Tactical UAS Business Vice President David Sharpin, the Puma 3 now can operate “in even more rugged environments than before,” with an “improved ability to support advanced third-party payloads and software applications,” as well as additional “reliability in challenging electronic warfare / cyber environments where interference is prevalent.” 
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