SpaceX To Debut Upgraded Falcon 9 Rocket Next Week Written 25 April 2018

Spaceflight Now reports that SpaceX technicians at Cape Canaveral are readying for the first launch of an upgraded Falcon 9 rocket next week, a mission that will “debut changes to make the launcher” safer for astronauts as well as make it easier and safer for SpaceX to reuse first-stage boosters. The launch of the “European-built Bangabandhu 1 communications satellite for Bangladesh” is currently scheduled for May 4. The upgraded rocket is known as the “Block 5” Falcon 9, and was recently delivered to Florida “after a final full-duration test-firing of its nine Merlin 1D engines on a test stand at SpaceX’s development site in McGregor, Texas.” The Block 5 includes updates to “meet NASA’s human-rating requirements,” and its engines produce more power than previous iterations. 
More Info (Spaceflight Now)