Advisory Committee Calls On NASA To Develop Plans For Reduced ISS Crew Written 17 May 2018

Space News reports that a NASA advisory committee, concerned about “delays in the development of commercial crew systems,” wants the agency to consider operating the ISS with a reduced crew. At the ISS Advisory Committee’s May 14 meeting, Chairman Thomas Stafford argued that NASA should consider training Russian cosmonauts on key systems for the US Operating Segment (USOS) section of the ISS “in the event extended commercial crew development delays reduce the size of the station’s crew.” According to Stafford, the commercial crew vehicles have experienced “delays after delays in the development, flight test and qualification milestones in commercial crew, and therefore we believe the current schedule is optimistic.” As a result, Stafford called for NASA to “pursue plans to protect for a minimum crew capability to ensure ISS viability during the flight development phase,” adding that the agency’s “biggest priority is maintaining the US presence on the ISS in case the commercial crew launch dates slip. 
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