EU Votes to Exclude Britain from Galileo Satellite Program Written 14 June 2018

The Guardian (UK) reports that a majority of European Union (EU) member states have “turned against” the United Kingdom and voted in favor of “pushing forward on the next round of contracts for the £8bn” Galileo satellite program, “despite requests for a delay to allow negotiations over British involvement to progress.” British companies are barred from bidding on the contracts. A report “handed to EU negotiators last month warned that restricting UK involvement would lead to delays of up to three years and an additional cost” of around $1.2 billion. A presentation submitted to member states and made public Wednesday “insisted that the EU’s guiding philosophy was that a country withdrawing from the union could not enjoy the same benefits as a member state.” The vote resulted in a “furious response” from British Science Minister Sam Gyimah, who indicated that Britain is willing to “walk away” from the project and develop a rival system. 
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