Bell, Airbus Helicopters Interested In Japan’s AH-X Attack Helicopter Contest Written 21 June 2018

FlightGlobal reports that both Airbus Helicopters and Bell have expressed interest in participating in Tokyo’s “emerging AH-X attack helicopter contest.” Japan issued a request for information (RFI) in mid-May as it “begins the process of replacing” the country’s Bell AH-1S Cobra fleet. According to Flight Fleets Analyzer, 71 of the aircraft are still in service. Airbus Helicopters plans to offer “commercial-off-the-shelf solutions” using its HForce common weapons system “rather than its dedicated attack helicopter, the Tiger.” Airbus Helicopters is integrating the “HForce system onto its H125M, H145M and H225M rotorcraft, with the H160M likely to be included in the mid-2020s.” Bell plans to offer its AH-1Z Viper, a “direct descendant of Japan’s current Cobras.” Boeing is also thought to be “likely to participate in the RFI process with its AH-64E Apache.” 
More Info (FlightGlobal)