NASA To Submit X-59 Spending Limit To Congress Written 2 July 2018

Aerospace America reported that NASA officials are preparing to submit funding and schedule commitments for its X-59 supersonic demonstrator aircraft to Congress in October. Agency officials expect to need “around $500 million to pay for construction and test flights” for the aircraft, and the spending commitment will “apply to future budgets needed to complete the project.” NASA expects to complete the X-59 by 2025. According to NASA Integrated Aviation Systems Program Director Ed Waggoner, “Congress will hold us to that, so that’s a big deal.” NASA Commercial Supersonics Technology Project Manager Peter Coen hopes the aircraft can make its first safety test flight in 2021. Before the pledge can be submitted to Congress, NASA and Lockheed Martin must complete a delta preliminary design review detailing “components of the plane and how they will fit together.” Technology requirements identified in the review, which is to be completed by the end of July, “will help NASA identify workforce and other needs.”
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