NASA Director: Deep Space Gateway To Serve As “Outpost” For Exploration Missions Written 21 August 2018

ExecutiveGov reports that NASA Director of Advanced Exploration Systems Jason Crusan, speaking on “Federal Drive with Tom Temin,” stated the agency’s aim for the proposed Deep Space Gateway space station to serve as an “outpost” for future deep space exploration missions. According to Crusan, the gateway should be thought of as a “kind of a space port, a dry dock, where we build ships, refurbish ships and then we actually stage missions from it.” He added that NASA intends to launch a spacecraft bearing scientific experiments for the platform every 30 days to three months. According to Crusan, “We’re building a certain set of capabilities, in this case an orbiting platform with communications functions, some lander capabilities and the ability for our life support systems to be sustained off-planet, away from Earth.” (Image: International Space Station. Credit: NASA
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