NASA Prepares To Test Orion’s Structural Integrity Written 22 August 2018

The Houston Chronicle reports that the agency plans to test the structural integrity of its Orion space capsule at the Glenn Research Center in Ohio on Friday. Personnel at the center will perform an “acoustic test for the space capsule, designed to ensure that it is structurally sound” before being launched from Cape Canaveral in April 2019 during a test of the vehicle’s launch abort system for use in crewed missions. According to Glenn Research Center Lead Test Project Manager Nicole Smith, “When they test the launch abort system, that has really powerful motors that pull the crew module away from the rocket in case of failure … structurally on the crew module, that can be a big load.” Smith added, “We want to make sure it can withstand that dynamic environment.” The module has been outfitted with “flight computers, communication systems and about 800 data sensors” in preparation for testing. Over the next few weeks, Orion will be subjected to “six different tests in Ohio, each lasting about three minutes each,” after which it will be returned to Houston for additional modifications. 
More Info (Houston Chronicle)