Bridenstine: International Cooperation Crucial To Lunar, Mars Missions Written 21 September 2018

Following his keynote address at the AIAA SPACE Forum, Aerospace America interviewed NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, who “said the Trump administration’s goal of landing Americans on the surface of the moon and someday Mars will require companies and international partners.” According to Bridenstine, “we want to do more than even our growing budget can handle,” and as a result, “We have to have international partners, we have to have commercial partners, and we need to build an architecture where everybody has a piece to play” in order to make a human presence on the moon “sustainable.” Bridenstine described the ISS as a “model for international partnership going forward,” and cited his openness to combined US-Russian crews launching on US and Russian rockets in the future. The US’ space collaboration with Russia, Bridenstine argued, is “a great relationship, we need to maintain it.”
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