NASA Commemorates 60th Anniversary As Bridenstine Appears Before Senate Written 2 October 2018

The Space Review reports that NASA celebrated its 60th anniversary “with a variety of largely virtual events, including a recorded statement from NASA’s current administrator, Jim Bridenstine.” A recent panel at AIAA’s SPACE Forum featured six of the agency’s administrators, and “offered an opportunity to reflect how NASA has changed or sometimes hasn’t changed” over the past 30 years. Last week, Bridenstine appeared before the Senate to “discuss the agency’s programs,” including challenges such as “upcoming flights of commercial crew vehicles that will finally restore the ability of the United States to launch its own astronauts; developing of the Space Launch System and Orion, also beset with delays; and NASA’s ‘Exploration Campaign’ to develop the Gateway in cislunar space and return humans to the surface of the Moon by the end of the 2020s, ahead of later missions to Mars.” 
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