US Air Force Hardening F-35’s Cybersecurity Weak Points Written 15 November 2018

Defense News reports that the US Air Force is devoting “fresh energy to plugging cybersecurity holes in the F-35’s external support systems, as they are deemed the easiest entry points for hackers into the fifth-generation combat jet, according to a key service official.” According to Air Force F-35 Integration Office Director Brig. Gen. Stephen Jost, “It’s a software-based aircraft, and any software-based platform is going to be susceptible to hacking.” The service considers Lockheed Martin’s software “relatively safe” thanks to what Jost described as “multilayer security protections,” including secure authentication. However, the service’s confidence wanes “as you get further from the air vehicle,” Jost said, citing “a lot of nodes of vulnerability that we’re trying to shore up,” such as the Autonomic Logistics Information System or the Joint Reprogramming Environment. 
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