DHS To Evaluate Counter-UAV Systems In 2019 Written 28 November 2018

Aviation Today reports that as a result of new legislation allowing for the “testing, evaluating and eventually deploying” of systems “to mitigate” the threat posed by commercial UAVs, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “plans to begin evaluating related technologies and systems in 2019.” On behalf of the DHS Science and Technology Directorate, this month the Sandia National Laboratories “issued a Request for Information to help it identify commercial-off-the-shelf counter unmanned aircraft system (UAS) systems for evaluation next year to help make decisions about acquiring and deploying the systems.” Sandia has tested counter-UAV systems for the Department of Energy. The notice said that UAVs have “quickly become a security concern due to the ease with which they can aid in intelligence gathering and/or be used as a malicious delivery platform.” Responses to the request are due by December 3, after which DHS will collect technical data on the systems to be compared “against manufacturer specifications and claims.” (Image: DJI Phantom 2. Credit: Associated Press–©) 
More Info (Aviation Today)