Airlines Concerned About Congested Airspace Over Space Industry’s Plans To Launch More Rockets Written 13 December 2018

The Washington Post reports that as a result of the “growing number of commercial rocket companies” planning launches on a weekly basis from an expanding number of launch sites, airlines are “concerned that they will significantly affect the already congested airspace.” Given this trend, the FAA is “working on...the Space Data Integrator [program] to better integrate rockets into the airspace by allowing the air traffic controllers to see them in real time, as they do airplanes.” The FAA also is “working on a system that would be able to almost instantaneously calculate the hazard area of an explosion,” allowing “air traffic controllers to keep substantially more airspace open during a launch and then close additional space in the event of a rocket failure.” Other measures that the FAA is working on include an initiative to boost the “automation that goes into the decisions air traffic controllers need to make, reducing workloads and the potential for human error.” 
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