Space Company Executives Optimistic About 2019 Written 31 January 2019

Space News reports that despite recent layoffs and a partial government shutdown, many companies “remain optimistic about the overall prospects for the space industry in the coming year.” In a panel discussion Wednesday at the Space Foundation, executives “from companies ranging from a launch startup to an established satellite operator talked up the state of the industry and their belief that it is poised for much faster growth in the near future.” Vector Director of Government Affairs Courtney Stadd called the current environment “an extraordinary time,” citing Air Force Space Command Commander Gen. Jay Raymond’s recent comment that it is an “inflection point” for the industry. Stadd argued that “what we’re witnessing in 2019 is a convergence of technologies, low cost, market changes, and so forth.” Made In Space President and CEO Andrew Rush admitted that the company “felt a pinch” from the shutdown, but with the shutdown over, “we’re putting our toe back on the pedal, but...not slamming it all the way to the floor.” NanoRacks Vice President of Business Development and Strategy Allen Herbert does not see the recent rounds of layoffs as a signal, and argued “that the marker is still vibrant.” Inmarsat Senior Vice President Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch believes that “what we’re seeing in space is prioritization.” 
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