Delta Celebrates First Flights Of P&W-Powered Airbus A220 Written 8 February 2019

CNBC reports that the first flights of Delta’s first Airbus A220 jet “took off Tuesday morning from New York’s LaGuardia Airport with one flight to Boston and another to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.” Equipped with new “Pratt and Whitney geared turbofan engines, the A220s have higher fuel efficiency compared with other models, a key selling point for carriers whose second-largest expense after labor is fuel.” Another key selling point for the aircraft is its range of “nearly 3,400 miles.” According to Teal Group Vice President Richard Aboulafia, “Compared to everything else in its size class it’s unprecedented.” Delta ordered 75 of the jets from Bombardier in April 2016, and last month, the carrier “increased its order for the planes and added some of the larger model, the A220-300, for a total of 90 A220 jets.”
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