AIAA Announces 2019 Region I Student Conference Winners Written 24 April 2019

CONTACT: John Blacksten  

April 24, 2019 – Reston, Va. – The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is pleased to announce the 2019 Region I Student Conference winners.

AIAA sponsors student conferences in each AIAA region for student members at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students present their research and are judged on technical content and clarity of communication by professional members from industry.

Undergraduate Category

  • 1st place – Volumetric Origami-based Deployable Modular Space Structures with Tailorable Stiffness, James H. Lynch and Jordan R. Raney, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2nd place – Multilevel Application of CST Geometry in Airfoil Optimization, Joseph D. Chiapperi and Pat Piperni, Clarkson University
  • 3rd place – A Low-Profile, Self-Contained System for Atmospheric Monitoring and Mid-flight Collection of Viable Microbiological Samples at High Altitude, Caitlyn A.K. Singam, University of Maryland

Masters Category

  • 1st place – Trim Analysis for an Electric Rotorcraft Utilizing a Moving Mass Control Scheme, Robert Brown, University of Maryland
  • 2nd place – Application of a Dual PZT Sparse Array with Lamb Wave Mode Decomposition for Damage Localization in an Aircraft, Jacob R. McCullum and Norman M. Wereley, University of Maryland
  • 3rd place – The Effect of Winglets on a Red Bull Air Race Plane, Andrew C. Adams and Amy R. Vanderhout, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Team Category

  • 1st place – Design and Intergration of a High-Powered Model Rocket – I, Kyle F. Foster, Peter D. Dohn, Colin Y. Cooper, Amanda Dings, Jacob H. Fennick, Eve M. George, Nicholas J. Lapierre, and Ty F. Moquin, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • 2nd place – Mars Ascent Vehicle Hybrid Engine Design, Andrew I. Yu, Marcin J. Laszkicwicz, Faisal Barbari, and Miten J. Patel, Pennsylvania State University
  • 3rd place – Design of a Electric Coaxial Helicopter with Variable Center of Gravity Control, C. Callejon Hierro, N.Gupta, K. Pilaszewicz, N. Pillai, J. Sandoval, and L. Weist, University of Maryland

Please visit the AIAA Regional Student Conferences website ( to learn more about the conferences or contact Rachel Dowdy at or 703.264.7577.

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