Japan Expands Search For Missing F-35 Jet Written 26 April 2019

Lockheed Martin F-35-Wikipedia
26 April 2019
Reuters reports that “Japan expanded its search for a missing F-35 stealth fighter on Thursday with a maritime survey vessel joining a navy ship and a U.S. Navy salvage team is expected in the area in coming days, a Japanese air force spokesman said.” Only small pieces of the aircraft’s tail have been found “since the advanced jet disappeared from radar screens during an exercise with three other F-35s over the Pacific, near northwest Japan, on April 9.” When asked if China or Russia might want to find the plane, a senior U.S. Navy official expressed confidence that the Japanese “won’t allow that to occur.” (Image: F-35. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Donald R. Allen | Wikipedia)
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