Boeing 737 MAX Could Be Cleared For Flight Before Investigations Into Its Certification Are Complete Written 26 June 2019

26 June 2019
Bloomberg Government reports that the Boeing 737 MAX “could be flying again before the Federal Aviation Administration’s blue-ribbon panel or the Transportation Department’s inspector general complete their investigations of the certification that initially cleared the jet” to fly in the US. Both are two separate investigations from the assessment of the passenger jet’s airworthiness. Nevertheless, they have been promoted by Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao “to assuage lawmakers during appearances before the House and Senate Transportation-HUD appropriations subcommittees.” While the DOT has indicated that the 737 MAX could be cleared to start flying again by year’s end, lawmakers are indicating that “recertifying the [MAX] won’t reduce congressional pressure on the FAA to take a hard look at how it certifies aircraft.” (Image: Boeing 737 MAX. Credit:Associated Press–©)
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