Wind Tunnel Research By AIAA Associate Fellow Detailed Written 1 July 2019

1 July 2019
The New York Times reported on research into the development of hypersonic missiles. AIAA Associate Fellow Daniel Marren “runs one of the world’s fastest wind tunnels,” the Arnold Engineering Development Complex Wind Tunnel in White Oak, Maryland. During a tour of the facility with Center for Public Integrity Managing Editor for National Security R. Jeffrey Smith, Marren “seemed both thrilled and harried by the rising tempo at his laboratory in recent months” amid “high demand” driven by hypersonics research. Marren “is optimistic that researchers will be able to deliver a working missile soon,” as “he and his team are operating at full capacity, with hundreds of test runs scheduled this year to measure the ability of various prototype missiles to withstand the punishing friction and heat of such rapid flight.” Said Marren, “We have been prepared for this moment for some time, and it’s great to lean forward.” (Image: Hypervelocity Wind Tunnel 9 at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory at White Oak, Maryland. Credit: USAF | Wikipedia)
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